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Designs to Protect Your Property

If you are a homeowner who needs to reinforce your driveway or stabilize your backyard, In the Dirt Contracting has you covered. Our team of professionals can design bespoke solutions to meet your property conditions based on wall height, soil conditions, drainage, slope, and more.

Gravity Retaining • Mechanically Stabilized • Drainage Management

Retaining Walls

Often, commercial projects have unique requirements and may require more robust approaches to their retaining walls.

In the Dirt Contracting is fully capable of handling these projects and advising on which retaining wall build best meets the on-site conditions. Where it’s gravity-retaining or mechanically stabilized, we can help create walls no matter the size, height, or requirement.

When it comes to retaining walls, it’s best to start early. Bringing your contractor on board in advance of the design and permit phase can help ensure that your project runs smoothly. Have questions about how to best approach your retaining wall project? Let’s talk.

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