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Welcome to ITDC, your premier choice for retaining wall solutions. Our team specializes in a variety of retaining wall options, including Verti block walls, rock walls, and Gabin basket MSE walls. Whether you’re a developer, homeowner, or engineer, we work closely with you to find cost-effective solutions that meet your budget and retaining needs.

Retaining Walls

At ITDC, we understand the importance of retaining walls in stabilizing landscapes, preventing erosion, and maximizing land usage.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of retaining wall services tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. Our expertise includes:

  • Verti Block Walls: Versatile and durable, Verti block walls are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Our team has the knowledge and experience to design and construct Verti block walls that provide the stability and functionality you need.
  • Rock Walls: Natural and aesthetically pleasing, rock walls offer both beauty and functionality. We specialize in designing and building rock walls that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape while providing effective erosion control and structural support.
  • Gabin Basket MSE Walls: Mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls using Gabin baskets offer a cost-effective solution for retaining walls in a variety of soil conditions. Our team has the expertise to design and install Gabin basket MSE walls that meet your project’s specific requirements.
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We Are Here to Help

Whether you’re facing challenges with slope stability, erosion control, or maximizing land usage, ITDC is here to help. Our team works collaboratively with engineers, developers, and homeowners to find the best retaining wall solutions for your project.

When you choose ITDC for your retaining wall needs, you can trust that you’re partnering with a team that is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect retaining wall solution for your project.

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