Snow & Ice Management


Protect Yourself. Protect Your Customers.

By planning for winter with a snow and ice management plan, you can ensure your parking lots and walkways remain snow and ice-free throughout the season.

Hazard Prevention • Peace of Mind • Liability Protection

You Could Be Liable for Slip and Falls

Did you know slip and falls can cost a business tens of thousands of dollars in legal claims?

To protect yourself and your business from liability, it’s incumbent on you to address hazards caused by snow and ice. By being proactive and hiring a professional service, your property can be treated appropriately when inclement weather strikes.

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You’re Covered Throughout the Season

In the Dirt Contracting has the personnel and equipment to handle automatic dispatch during storms.

We will clear your site of snow and ice, de-ice walkways, and manage detailed records that outline the preparedness put in place during snow and ice events. When winter weather strikes, rest assured we’re on-site to take care of any winter hazards.  Our seasoned professionals also handle snow and ice removal on regional roads and laneways. We work with public and private sector individuals to handle snow removal and disposal to help businesses and government keep running day or night.

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